Company Name - Liquid Innovations!

WaterGuard is a unique liquid which spreads over the surface of water to form a very thin film and reduce evaporation.

WaterGuard  is produced from polymers which are highly impermeable to gases including water vapour. In the WaterGuard formulation, these polymers repel each other strongly when they come in contact with the water, resulting in a strong spreading action across the surface.
A liquid ‘blanket’ to reduce evaporation!

Water losses from evaporation are huge: a 10 hectare dam (25 acres) can lose up to 800,000 litres each day in summer, or more than 5 million litres per week.
Trials with WaterGuard have achieved evaporation savings of at least 50%.
These photos show WaterGuard spreading across the surface of a farm dam.


                                                            Halfway across...        ... a few minutes later

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